Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zesty Bleu Ranch Dip

I get my love of bleu cheese definitely from my mom. I absolutely love the stuff, and I put it on anything from burgers to salads, to toast (sorry ma).  This recipe is always a hit, its super simple, and with some cauliflower florets, or celery, or my flax crackers from the previous blog, is a great snack, and an excellent way to get your fat in, without having to eat bacon or butter, not that there is anything wrong with bacon or butter.

16 oz of sour cream
1/2 a package of Ranch dip mix
8 oz of your favor bleu cheese, I love Gorgonzola
the zest of half 1 lemon
and 2 Tbsps of fresh lemon juice
1 Tsp of black pepper

This is super simple, just combine the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, chill, and serve.  I love it chunky, with big chunks of bleu cheese, but you can use a food processor to more thoroughly blend the ingredients if you want a smoother, less pungent dip.

you can also add 2 oz of cream cheese if you want a thicker more scoopable dip, although its pretty thick on its own.

I keep a container of this on hand pretty much at all times, I will even put a Tbsp or 2 in a salad with spinach, bacon, and chicken, add in my favorite simple vingar dressing.

2 Carbs per serving, which is a good 1.5 oz or about 3 Tbsps of the dip.

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