Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tiramisu cream

I am generally not one to have a huge sweet tooth.  a square of 80% dark chocolate is usually enough to quell my cravings for something sweet.  However, back in my pre-keto days, one of the few desserts that I was crazy about was Tiramisu. In fact, it is the reason I started drinking coffee, but that is another story.

Tiramisu is a simple dish, unfortunately the real stuff is obviously not keto friendly, but with a little artistic licensing, you can make a simple, and delicious, treat.


8oz Marscapone cheese
3 eggs, seperated
3 Tbsp Espresso or VERY strong coffee, cold
1 tsp nutresse, or To taste with your favorite low carb sweetner
1 Tbsp Dry Marsala wine
 1 tsp Cocoa powder for dusting

Note: Many recipes you see for Tiramisu are going to have you adding brandy or rum (blegh), but I am a purist, and Marsala wine is the way it is made traditionally.  I use Dry because I find that it has more flavor, but if you want, sweet will work, you just have to adjust for carbs.  

Start by whipping your egg whites until they are stiff peaks.

Combine your yolks, cheese, coffee and Marsala and beat until the cream gets to a ribbon stage, 1-2 minutes.

Gently Fold in your whites and chill.

Once chilled you can serve it any number of ways, I took a Tbsp of the cream and spooned it over the left over chilled coffee, it was superb.

I would say this gives enough for 8 servings, a little goes a long way.

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